How to Receive WeChat Transfer or Red Packet without China Bank Card

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Yes, WeChat Policy changed again.

Since 16:00 of 5th July 2019, WeChat Official Stopped they WeChat account without China bank card or Chinese ID verified to Receive money from Qrcode Gift card.

At present, All foreigners without China bank Card are not available to Receive Red packet, Transfer, Receive money Qrcode and Qrcode Gift cards. All methods on Phone not work now.

At present, they only way is following:

Download a WeChat PC Version on your Computer, and scan to Login your WeChat account on Computer. And Receive my WeChat funds on Computer.

After recieve, You can pay with transfer to others via Mobile Wechat APP .  

Note 1: WeChat PC download link

Note 2: This way is only for Windows system, MacBook not work

Note 3: WeChat not allow foreigner to accept red packet on APP but can pay with it. So, PC WeChat version to receive money, WeChat app to pay or transfer is the only choice.

If WeChat stop this way in the future, I think there is no way for you to use WeChat wallet again.  But if there are still money inside WeChat wallet, you can still pay with it.

Certainly, IF you just want to Pay your suppliers or your friends. Yayaka is providing service like that. Shopping agent or Paying Agent.

8 Responses

  1. Hottestjam82
    | Reply

    Hi, how to receive money on PC WeChat?

    • Wendy
      | Reply

      yes, have to add our WeChat ID topupchina, I got your order

      • Hottestjam82
        | Reply

        Hi, i add already but it did not appear in my friend’s list.

  2. wxid_sj8dbmc2jzf922
    | Reply

    how long does it take to process? I already bought

    • Wendy
      | Reply

      Please add our WeChat ID topupchina

  3. Andriyanto
    | Reply

    Bagimana mengaktifkan we chat wallet lagi

    • Wendy
      | Reply

      don’t understand your words

  4. Mohamed
    | Reply

    last night i downloaded wechat for pc but i don’t know how to receive fund via pc their is no sign for receiving funds in can you please guide or make tutorial for that with print screens please

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