How to Verify Alipay Account For Foreigner without China Bank Card

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There is no doubt that Alipay is more and more popular around the world. And more and more foreigner people would like to buy on Taobao with Alipay if possible because they can buy a very cheap Goods on Taobao.

I know there are many tutorial online say before you verify Alipay account, You must have a Chinese Phone Number, Passport, China Bank Card. But actually, If you just want to transfer money or Shopping on Taboo or Other Chinese Online store or Just want to pay restaurants or Coffee during your Tourist in China.

You just need to prepare your Passport which will be enough for you to use Alipay to Pay anything in China.

Step 1: Download Alipay APP

Alipay google Play

If your Mobile Phone is a Android System, Go and Download From Google Play (

If you run a iOS System, Go and Download on Appstore (

Step 2:

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  1. […] The Only way is Ask YAYAKA Service to Pay for You or You take a try to verify your Passport. ┬áIt is as popular as WeChat Payment in China. Most of sellers accept Alipay in China. So there is no worry you can’t pay in china with a Alipay app. Here is the Verify tutorial for Verify ALipay for Foreigners without Chinese Bank Card. […]

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