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Alipay Gift Card / Taobao Payment Agent/Taobao Sourcing

(28 customer reviews)

$ 1.000$ 167.990

Note: If not receieve within 12hours, supposed your alipay not finish verification step, Click here for guide to verify alipay account for foreigner

Any question contact our email


Add to Cart -> Check Cart->Checkout Fill your Alipay Account in Order notes->Finish payment

If you just want to Buy From Taobao, It is Easiest way to do it according to Guide to Buy From Taobao  and You don’t need to verify your Alipay.

They Key to Verify your Alipay account is Passport. Alipay doesn’t accept International Credit Card as well as Debit Card.

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Product Name: Alipay Gift Card / Taobao Payment Agent

How to Get: Will Delivery your order after receiving your payment

Payment:1.Visa,MasterCard,Maestro,Discover,American Express,JCB,Carte Aurore,Carte Bancaire,Lastchrift,Carta prepagata Paypal,Postepay,Cofinoga ou Privilège,4 étoiles)
Western Union, Moneygram

How to Verify your Alipay?

Only Let your Passport Go through on Alipay it will Work. Download Alipay APP, Click right Bottom ” Me”, Then Click your Avatar, Then Click ” identify Verification”, Then Click “Verification Photo”  to verify with your Passport and upload it will be process and wait for its approval by Alipay. generally takes less than 24 hours. If possible, Click indentify verfication -> identify verification to verify with Your credit Card. After your passport ID approval by Alipay, It will work.

Friendly Reminder

1. Take care of Scamming or Fraud if you are sending to The person Who is not yourself. Take care of scammer if someone or strangers ask you order at our website.

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¥1, ¥100, ¥1000, ¥50, ¥500, ¥800

28 reviews for Alipay Gift Card / Taobao Payment Agent/Taobao Sourcing

  1. Deroles

    thanks for helping. I can purchase on taobao now

  2. Alan Boyd

    it is much more to buy from taobao, thank you

  3. stanleylim24 (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Helped me made successful legitimate payments for my items stuck in Transrush warehouse as I was unable to make payments for them. Wendy quickly helped me settled it within 10 minutes. Highly recommended.

  4. mymymyyouyou

    I’ve had so much problem during my first purchase on Wechat, but the staff (iwendy1996) literally solved all the difficult steps in a few minutes. Convenient as f***
    She responded to me the moment I texted her, was familiar with the new policy change Wechat recently had, understood my problem extremely quickly, and was able to think outside the box when every options didn’t seem to work.
    Man, if only IT services these days has even one of these traits!!!!

  5. fang.chp (verified owner)

    Wendy is so quick to handle things with kind service.
    Thank you!

  6. antonella.gismundi

    Excellent service. Wendy is amazing and did everything she could to help, she is really knowledgeable and helpful.

  7. hakonaa (verified owner)

    Wendy is Super fast

  8. ashley.rawiri (verified owner)

    Very vexing amazing site, i was semi peeved to find out alipay wouldn’t accept my payment from my visa to pay for forward freight cargo charges to ship my items, i happened to spend a whole day searching google for solutions. I came across this sight and i have to say
    I recommend any other foreigner using Taobao who wants good shipped from Taobao using Alipay to use this great, friendly, lightning fast service.
    I just hope my goods come very quick but i wait patiently for them to be shipped from china to all the way here in AOTEAROA.
    Thanks so much you guys, i am definitely coming back ….
    You guys have really touched my heart with a giant sigh of relief.

  9. lehuykhanh41 (verified owner)

    Fast and convenient. Excellent quality. Perfect service for anyone who want to use Alipay.
    Thank you Yayaka team. I totally appreciate your service.

  10. shannon_2222

    Hi There, i would like to use your service but i am having difficulty with Alipay and We Chat. My we chat account is blocked and Alipay is taking me to verify by card page. I have emailed support @yayaka.
    Please help me out.

    • Wendy

      replied your email ,keep contact via email

  11. AJITH C L

    Customers support really amazing 💝

  12. zephyrbridal (verified owner)

    very fast !

  13. gtoscanomx

    Hola soy de Argentina, puedo comprar el servicio para cargar saldo en Alipal? perdon la pregunta, Taobao Gift Card Y1000 = $171.990 ( Que moneda es? Cuantos dolares?)

    • Wendy

      Taobao gift card is used in china and yuan

  14. gtoscanomx

    I mean, the price of the publication for a 1000yuan card, is 171,990 (one hundred and seventy thousand? Usd?

  15. gtoscanomx

    I want buy a card, but I need know the price correctly

  16. phuchthearith17 (verified owner)

    I really appreciate with your service really cool!! Thanks

  17. Alicia Tan

    Hi. I am not able to verify my Alipay account. It keep prompting for my credit card details. I would like to use your service

    • Wendy

      no need add bank card. Alipay never accept foreigner bank cards. after you upload your passport info if you can’t find option to upload passport picture. Send your Alipay arcode to my email and I will send you a test amount and guide.

  18. danny.dcyk (verified owner)

    August 3rd first time Purchase Alipay recharge. Made a purchase at 4:27pm and received the money at 4:46pm. Fast service and amazing rate!! For sure gonna do my purchase with u again.

    • Wendy

      you are welcome

  19. sofian

    I need help about alipay gift card. My alipay acoount have verify but i can not verify my bank card mastercard. Which alipay will Not accpet at all, if i buy alipay gift card from yayaka will i get the payment?

    • Wendy

      Alipay never accept foreigner bank card. Just go to verify face option to upload passport or ID, Alipay will approve it within 24hours

  20. 136****573 (verified owner)

    Hello, I bought this yesterday 9pm (Order #31410), but doesn’t receive the money until now (2pm), no one contacted me and received a email saying my order is complete. May I just know that whether it’s normal?

    • Wendy

      sorry, a little delay for your order yesterday and done already

  21. ibo1989-regis (verified owner)

    Extreme fast and trustable, I will topup my Alipay from now on always here! THANK YOU! 10000000%

  22. kellywinargo07

    Hi Wendy, i would like to ask for your help to verify my Alipay account. i have tried to put my passport but then it wont be verified. is it possible to re upload my identity for verification?

  23. segkaa

    I’m new here. I contacted Wendy just yesterday concerning using my Alipay to make payment since I’m in Africa. She responded to my mails well and swiftly responded on WeChat as well. And with her help I can use my Alipay to make payment now. Thanks so much Wendy. I will be funding my Alipay account through you soon.

    • Wendy

      please send your Alipay arcade to my email, I will send a test amount and guide you

  24. keirageorgesonis (verified owner)

    Excellent service. I paid via PayPal and the money was sent to my Alipay account in less than 20 minutes. Would recommend and will definitely be using the service again in the future! Thank you 🙂

  25. 44-****6405 (verified owner)

    Genuinely incredible service, so easy and fast! Thank you yayaka! I will be using you all the time!

  26. Helen Wang (verified owner)

    1st time trying out, impress with their prompt service n action, job done within few hours, tqvm Jane .

  27. (verified owner)

    Very good support!

  28. am***l81 (verified owner)

    i have used yayaka to send like the best service you can use and no scam. Thanks a lot for trustworthy service 🙂

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