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Taobao Payment Agent/Taobao Sourcing

$ 17.300

This Price is for 100CNY Payment

Add to Cart -> Check Cart->Checkout Fill your Alipay Account in Order notes->Finish payment

If you just want to Buy From Taobao, It is Easiest way to do it according to Guide to Buy From Taobao  and You don’t need to verify your Alipay.

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Product Name: Alipay Gift Card / Taobao Payment Agent

How to Get: Will Delivery your order after receiving your payment

Payment:1.Visa,MasterCard,Maestro,Discover,American Express,JCB,Carte Aurore,Carte Bancaire,Lastchrift,Carta prepagata Paypal,Postepay,Cofinoga ou Privilège,4 étoiles)
Western Union, Moneygram.


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