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$ 1.000$ 171.990


1. For whose without verified We can Help Payment Directly For your Payment Via Wechat pay.

2. After order, Please contact us via Email or Wechat ID: stephenyayaka

3. Display Price Currency is USD

Add to Cart -> Check Cart->Checkout Fill in your Wechat Account ->Finish payment ->We will send email to you for friend Request -> Finish Delivery

Before order, Pls Fill in the Product Link or Product Name you want to Pay in following Blank,  We Support Buying From Tencent Game, Tencent Videos and Other Membership of Digital Products. As well ,Taobao, JD, Mogujie, Dangdang,1688 is also Available.


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Product Name: Wechat Sourcing Agent/Tencent Game Top up /

Suitable For:  All Tencent Game, QQ Music, Tencent Video VIP,Weidian Payment Agent and other Tencent Paid Service

How to Get: Will Delivery after receiving your payment

Payment:Visa,MasterCard,Paypal, Westernunion, Moneygram


Friendly Reminder:

1. if your first order is too big or if there is a sudden change to your order, we will conduct security verification on your order to protect your account. Please understand.

2. Take care of Scamming or Fraud if you are sending to The person Who is not yourself. Take care of scammer if someone or strangers ask you order at our website.

Additional information


¥1, ¥100, ¥1000, ¥50, ¥500, ¥800

48 reviews for Wechat Sourcing Agent/Tencent Game Top up /

  1. Fruzi

    Nice, Fast Delivery, Enjoy it

  2. Richard Barden

    excellent service, Fast delivery

  3. Rayyan1001 (verified owner)

    excellent service great.very fast delivery.thank u very much

  4. Chris.Schopf (verified owner)

    Perfext service, always delivered absolutely fast. Dealt with worst circumstances from my site but deliveres promptly! Greets from Germany.

  5. mail (verified owner)

    Perfect! Very fast delivery

  6. mwu368 (verified owner)

    Excellent service, happy customer 🙂

  7. kramer.mallory (verified owner)

    very fast delivery, great communication, lovely business. thank you!

  8. umio.sugino (verified owner)

    ウエンディーのおかげで深センの出張がだいぶん楽に過ごせました。購入してWechatでメッセージを送ればだいたいすぐに対応してくれるし、機械的な対応ではないところも魅力です。レートが少し高いかな、という気はするけど、次もここを使うでしょう。これから忙しくなるかもしれないけどこのサービスの質を落とさず、頑張ってください。Thank you very much for your kind support, Wendy.

  9. ilw (verified owner)

    good service highly recommended

  10. green_tea02 (verified owner)

    Tried it with a minimal amount. Overall experience was a breeze.
    Wendy has been extremely polite and goes the extra mile to assist when you get stuck in the process.
    Apprecaite the effort that goes behind this. My trip to China is in a month’s time. Will try it again. Thank you!

  11. Esther.wong1402 (verified owner)

    Very nice lady. Will definitely deal again with her. Great service!

  12. (verified owner)

    Great service. Everything sorted quickly. Will use again.

  13. fang.chp (verified owner)

    Very good service!!!

  14. pmckeon (verified owner)

    Wendy is amazing, she is professional, polite and pleasant to deal with. Transactions are lightning fast, would recommend any time.

  15. vladimir.mendoza (verified owner)

    We don’t lie this person is very respectful and reliable always it’s willing to help you!!! Thank you very much

  16. YM Teo

    I couldn’t explain how grateful I am when she patiently guide me through in setting up my Wechat E-Wallet.
    She is even willing to test it by trying to remit a small token of money over and then I send it back to her. Just tn ensure ALL is WORKING FINE.
    Wendy you are GREAT !!

  17. zeindl (verified owner)

    Excellent, could not be better. Wendy is great and so supporting. 谢谢. You made my day. 😄🙏🏻

  18. johnlasa (verified owner)

    Contacted Wendy after midnight and she was able to accommodate my request immediately. Very smooth process and definitely will use again. Don’t hesitate to deal with her!

  19. Yoseb

    Great service! A little strange when asking what i plan to do with my own money, but other than that … great !!!

  20. brunamcdr (verified owner)

    Very good service! Wendy is really great. Your assistance was so good. Thank you!

  21. Cscott (verified owner)

    Amazing, instant service! A literal lifesaver for someone in China without a chinese transaction card!!

  22. taegigos (verified owner)

    Would 100% recommend! Great customer service too! 🙂

  23. starskin.melody (verified owner)

    very fast easy service! 100% will use again. have all ready used twice

  24. thomasdavidlew (verified owner)

    Brilliant, quick and efficient process.
    Two Thumbs up from Singapore.

    Thank you very much!

  25. mkaiser241 (verified owner)

    fast and excellent service

  26. sa***go

    I tried the service, and I liked it a lot, I’m definitely going to use it again very soon

  27. St***00 (verified owner)

    As expected, quick and reliable service

  28. yo** (verified owner)

    quick turnaround, very responsive, great! thank you.

  29. f***__ (verified owner)

    very responsive. thank you.

  30. ken***69 (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Thank you very much 😀

  31. one****eight (verified owner)

    Wendy at Yayaka is always prompt, professional and kind. She goes out of her way to help and make sure transactions are smooth and swift. I have had multiple interactions and transactions. This is a great service as not all places in the mainland accept foreign cards. Thanks again to Wendy for the tutorial and fantastic customer service. I highly recommend yayaka.

  32. The***tGR (verified owner)

    Fast transaction and excellent support with all steps needed

  33. lu***o (verified owner)

    First time user, so I was cautious. Probably like many here started with minimum. Response was quick. A big thanks.

  34. Nass

    Great service

  35. m***yan (verified owner)

    Great service

  36. Wendy


  37. teac***qnb (verified owner)

    So grateful! This company is reliable and works extremely fast. As a newcomer to China, it’s super helpful.

  38. wxid_jistxl8cu8t122 (verified owner)

    I have ordered through Yayaka three times now and it has always been great. I had a time-sensitive purchase, but Jane and Wendy were amazing and helped me right on time. I 100% recommend using this service, you will not regret it.

  39. wxid_vljt0rnl0kh522 (verified owner)

    perfect! yeasy and fast!

  40. Tony (verified owner)

    Prompt & Professional. Very responsive. Great Service

  41. ko***en (verified owner)

    very fast and convenient

  42. mo***sh (verified owner)

    service was very quick and the seller was so polite and helped me with some uncertainties that I had. overall it was a very good experience

  43. Jun****Xim (verified owner)

    Fast and easy. Provided with friendly instructions which allows even users like me, that have never went through this before to receive. Definitely recommended!

  44. ka****n (verified owner)

    . Extremely convenient to top up and most of the time they were able to transfer within 10 mins. It’s also probably the cheapest so I definitely recommend and will continue using it in the future.

  45. Coco

    Perfect that’s the word

  46. shinopy (verified owner)

    Convenient and fast delivery

  47. dora_xue (verified owner)

    Fast delivery.

  48. amukoto (verified owner)

    how can i reserved my RMB?

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