WeChat: Do not pay to the other User as been Confirmed of non-Compliance

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For a Foreigner WeChat user who doesn’t have any way to Submit a Chinese ID to verify its WeChat. There are lots of issues when they use WeChat wallet. Such as WeChat Pay Restircted & Transaction at risk of Fraud

There are different solutions for different situations. You may also face this issue when u try to send money to a WeChat user

WeChat: Do not pay to the other User as been Confirmed of non-Compliance

Whey happens this? WeChat suspicious activity system detected your suspicious activities. Something like following but not including all:

  1. you are always change a login country
  2. you are on a VPN
  3. you changed a new simcard
  4. you transfer WeChat money frequently
  5. you transfer big amount money

it is a slightly punishment. Generally it will take 3-7 working days to be unblocked by WeChat. So you needn’t do anything.


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  1. Lee
    | Reply

    How can I find wechat Id :topupchina? It show up a lot and which one is yours? I saw Jane@yayaka.com instead Wendy

    • Wendy
      | Reply

      Wendy or Jane both ok, no problem

  2. babatunde omotayo
    | Reply

    babatunde omomtayo

  3. hilaire.lamenace
    | Reply

    5: if you transfer big amount ?
    what are the amount transfert limit foreigners are restricted to?

    • Wendy
      | Reply

      no suggest more than 5000, in fact, it depends on your wechat account ages, too new to do big amount

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