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Pan.baidu Premium Account VIP & SVIP

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Pan.baidu Premium Account Top up Service.Here is 5 Steps For Top up Your Baidu Pan)

  1. Fill in your Baidu Login and Password
  2. Select the Plan you want to buy
  3. Checkout and FInish Payment
  4. We will upgrade for you as soon as possible and u will recieve an completed email once done

If you dont show me your login and password, you can Fill this words: Qrcode in filed blank of login and password. And follow this guide to send Payment qrcode to Support@yayaka.com

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What is Different Between Premium Account and Super Premium Account?

  • Storage: 5T vs 2T
  • Download Speed:  Fast vs Slow ( because Super account Download via Baidu Server, Premium via your brandwith)
  • Batch files upload: No limit vs 500max
  • Extract Online: 4G vs 2G
  • Storage files Limits: 50000 vs 3000
  • Max File Upload: 20G/file vs 10G/file
  • Recycling station expired: 30 days vs 15 days
  • Film Photo privilege:  20pcs vs 12pcs

Step to Step to Send YAYAK Payment QRcode

First Register a Baidu Pan Account with your oversea Cellphone Number. And place an order on https://www.yayaka.com/product/buy-pan-baidu-premium-account/

Secondly, When you are logging in your Baidu Pan account, Click Top right 会员中文

Thirdly, Keep Click 开通超级会员

Baidu Pan Premium Account

The Last, Select the Plan you want to Buy and Payment method Choose 支付宝 or 微信支付, and Send screenshot to our Email :support@yayaka.com or WeChat id: iwendy1996

After that, we will Pay for you.

Additional information


Custom Buy for ¥1, Premium x 12 Months, Premium x 3 Months, Premium x 6 Months, Super Premium x 1 Months, Super Premium x 12 Months, Super Premium x 3 Months

60 reviews for Pan.baidu Premium Account VIP & SVIP

  1. coolson

    really help, thanks

  2. money

    fast delivery, really works, thanks

  3. Zacky (verified owner)

    This is actually legit.

  4. billycool (verified owner)

    Great service, paid within minutes 🙂

  5. leon (verified owner)

    Great service, friendly through WeChat, fast delivery!
    Do not hesitate, just buy it!

  6. 66922852100 (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, thanks!

  7. istargurth (verified owner)

    Funciono Perfecto. El pago se realizo en menos de 5 minutos. Exelente atencion a traves de WeChat. Recomendado 100%

  8. taippppp (verified owner)

    Very fast and efficient. Great service.

  9. JanCools (verified owner)

    Works like a charm, fast service!

  10. misa (verified owner)

    I was already giving up until I found this. I didn’t think it would be this fast and easy! Thank you!

  11. pincopal86 (verified owner)

    All perfect
    Thanks for your service.

  12. deandrawj (verified owner)

    This is amazing!
    Wendy is really helpful by guiding me through out the process.
    She’s also fast to respond and confirmed the payment in less than a minute.
    Will use this service again once my subscription ends.

  13. masato3373 (verified owner)

    very fast. very convenience. Trusted seller. will purchase again. Thank you.

  14. Jorge Tigua (verified owner)


  15. Kate Tan (verified owner)

    I really almost lost hope and give up on using baiduyun until I found the yayaka.com 🙂 Really thanks for their fast and excellent service

  16. bagelalpha (verified owner)

    I wasn’t entirely sure on how the process worked, but I got what I needed in the end; great and timely delivery

  17. Dragonkid95_ (verified owner)

    Good communication, Fast and good service.

  18. info.gsmarea (verified owner)

    Thanks , great service and very easy to make payment 🙂

  19. otomehikkikomori (verified owner)

    Instant service with minimal fuss.

  20. youngslol (verified owner)


  21. sonphampspvhp (verified owner)

    Perfect service, order is proceed very fast. Thank you.

  22. SharpEars (verified owner)

    Really fast and always reliable!

  23. Arief Rachmawan (verified owner)

    big thanks

  24. christantoan (verified owner)

    Really great and fast service

  25. ch7alnta7mar (verified owner)

    fast service, really works
    Thank you

  26. Silver_Shoenix (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. Thank you

  27. (verified owner)

    Fast and reliable service, I will definitely use it again!

  28. 14257734752 (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, very quick and easy. Highly recommended!

  29. +639274071702 (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery! Highly recommended

  30. 37254578020 (verified owner)

    Worked well.

  31. natotsu (verified owner)

    Great and super fast, awesome!

  32. rafaelsales244 (verified owner)

    Very fast and it worth

  33. jaluanda (verified owner)

    very damn fast, complete within 5 minutes

  34. golgo.13x (verified owner)

    Fast and Legit

  35. Wendy

    fast upgrade , good service

  36. Wendy

    excellent service, thanks

  37. jazzjiaozz (verified owner)

    yeah i know it looks suspicious but it works. saved my ass

  38. littlesteph06 (verified owner)

    Tried the 1 month option, flawless transaction within 30 minutes 😀 Thanks! Will consider to get 1 year if Baidu is nice to use :))

  39. teojx3958 (verified owner)

    Fast and friendly Thank you !

  40. Zoe wxid_5rk0ge0ybap12 (verified owner)

    super fast & reliable service. their chat support was very helpful and had me set up within minutes.

  41. sarkastik_mercenary (verified owner)

    super fast and hassle free

  42. christianpacq (verified owner)

    ya’ll doing gods work

  43. kastarov7 (verified owner)


  44. buzzbeexoxo (verified owner)

    great service and very helpful

  45. maxcrous (verified owner)

    Needed to download a large dataset, and the standard pan Baidu download rate of 100kbps was rather slow.
    This service was perfect, during opening hours there was a fast response and payment.
    I recommend it highly 👍

  46. caseyunderscorecap (verified owner)

    The service was fast and support is very quick to answer. They are definitely the best service out there! I would highly recommend

  47. yongen_92 (verified owner)

    EXTREMELY GOOD SERVICE!!! I encountered a problem when trying to buy 1 month baidu wangpan svip through Paypal, as it kept showing the price for the 3 months’ option. I chatted with the customer service and they told me how to resolve the problem quickly and I was able to buy.

    And just a few minutes after I bought, they added vip to my wangpan.

    Tldr: BEST customer service I’ve had in years. Must infiltrate their company to learn their secrets of customer service.

  48. 39-3495135130 (verified owner)

    Super amazing!! Without Yayaka I would have never been able to “really use baidu” since the standard version is sooooooooo slow.
    All my thanks to Yayaka, perfect, fast and reliable service!

  49. mashiro_jase (verified owner)

    Fast live chat

  50. mateusdsm999 (verified owner)

    Extremely fast!!

    5 Stars without a doubt =D

  51. kikimasbro27501 (verified owner)



  52. abdulaziz.khaled.aleid (verified owner)

    Wonderful Service! and Yes it’s legit!. I bought a 1 month subscription and will definitely buy again

  53. merpderpftw321 (verified owner)

    Fast and quick, thank you so much!!

  54. Karl (verified owner)

    Perfect !!! Fast delivery !

  55. jazzjiaozz (verified owner)

    My second time using ther service. Still works in 2023. They paid for the QR code I sent in like one minute. I don’t even know how it’s even possible but really appreciate the hard work. THANK YOU. WIll be using again!

  56. je.daisuki (verified owner)

    Can you please paid for me. I sent you email.
    Please check it.
    Thank you

    • Wendy

      sure, you can contact livechat now

  57. kk kk (verified owner)

    they are kind and work fast Perfect

  58. isaiahsaeil92 (verified owner)

    They are quick and give fast response! Thanks

  59. tanrobertjulian (verified owner)

    Hi can you check my order that i send to the mail, also please accept my wechat so i can chat easier thanks

  60. tanrobertjulian (verified owner)

    Wow, this website is dope!!!! this Website is NOT a scam so don`t worry.
    if your email or wechat have no response you can click “chat with us”.
    only a few second the order is complete.

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