Guide to Buy from without Agent or Alipay & Chinese bank Card

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There is no doubt that it is hard for foreigners to buy on 1688 if they don’t have a Verified Alipay. And the Only way for foreigner to Verify their Alipay is to submit their International Credit Card to be audited by Alipay.

However, in Some cased, Alipay not accept all Credit Card. I don’t know the specific reasons. But I think it is based on Transaction Security.

Then, Let’s Begin. Just same as Taobao Agent Service. I hope it will help you.

#1 You have to Register a 1688 Account First

Visit and register as Follow image Guide. Click 免费注册 button which means register Now.

1688 register guide

2# Select Individual Account Register

Then Select 个人注册 means Individual Register, No matter you are on behalf of your company or individual, just regster as individual because Foreigner Company Cant register a Company Account in Then Click 同意协议 which means Agree appointment.

1688 register guide 2

3# Fill in your register Info of your 1688 Account

设置用户名 Means user Name , 设置你的登陆密码 means your password , 确认密码 means confirm your password again, 手机号码 means your mobile number. before you put in your Mobile number, Please select the Country zone first.

As to 验证码, After you put in all info ,just pull the button right fully and click agree the agreement.

1688 register guide 3

4# Active your 1688 account

Last step is to Active your 1688 Account, Click agree agreement and Click button 确认激活 Means confirm active.

Active your 1688 account

5# Connect with your Alipay account

No matter your alipay verified or unverified, Must Register an Alipay account first. Because with it, You can use the feature 找人代付 Means pay for you. You can use this feature to Ask Yayaka alipay to pay for you ,then you dont ask an agent to buy for you. It is much easier convenience.

Click left top, your account name, then Click 账户管理 , Then Click 支付宝账户管理, If your alipay not connect with your 1688, it will guide you Connect, Then you do it will be ok.

After you Finish All 1688 Account register Job and Alipay Connection. Next step is to Select Product and Buy From 1688. Here is guide to Buy From 1688 without Agent.

6# Select Product and Confirm order

Select he Product you want to buy Then Click 提交订单 Button

7# Payment Method is Alipay

It is very important to select Payment method is Alipay

8# Pay for you

Select the Right Top, Click 找人代付 Means Pay for you

9# Order at yayaka

For example, You may ask how much for it? How much charge or commission you will charge? Actually we make it easier, We set 0.1699usd=1yuan for it, If you order cost 99yuan ,then You order this 1688 Agent Link and buy 99pcs will be ok.

Put the Product Link, Quantity, Attibute in field Blank, And fill in your Shipping Address (China shipping agent or your oversea Address in addtional Note Blank, Then we would know how to do for it. By the way, if your product Ship to oversea directly, We will buy the product and ship to our China address first, Then consolidate it and ship to you. Certainly you have to pay double payment for Shipping Cost.

That is all Guideline For those who want to buy From without China agent or China bank card. It is almost same as Guide to Buy from taobao without Alipay Verification. Is it eas y for you? If any question about this ,Feel free to leave comment in following, We would tell in details and hope can help you, Thanks.

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  1. sophisticated.
    | Reply

    Hi there, I’m still confused after I tried to use the guide as provided, Alipay requires a passcode from the pay for you option, how can I get the passcode?
    if I only need YAYAKA to do the payment on behalf to my suppliers and I will have my own transhipment, which product category should I choose?

  2. Christian A
    | Reply

    Can you make a video of this please

    • Wendy
      | Reply

      yes ,sure we will, you can add our wechat ID first, we will guide you

  3. jude osuagwu
    | Reply

    1, can you fund alipay account for your subscribers
    2 which country do you reside.
    3, can you guarantee safety of ones monay.

    • Wendy
      | Reply

      located in china. if you know much about 1688 rule, you will confirm it is safe. it is business,no scam, no worry.

  4. Emmanuel
    | Reply

    Please how can I link my Alipay account on 1688..and how do I pay with it on 1688

    • Wendy
      | Reply

      when you create order via 1688, then redirect to alipay,login will be ok

  5. Ruth
    | Reply

    I’m failing to understand the last part where I select you to pay for me as well as your rates

  6. Elynn
    | Reply


    I am interested to understand more about your service. If I were to purchase from 1688, and require your asistance to ship, via sea freight, to Malaysia, what is your quotation per CBM for service fees and sea freight?

  7. Kokou Akoda
    | Reply

    If I do all these, at some point, I will need to pay YAKAYAKA to buy on my behalf, right ? So, how should I put money in my Alipay account to proceed ?

  8. Kokou Akoda
    | Reply

    If I do all these, at some point I will have to pay YAKAYAKA to buy on my behalf, right ? How should I put money in my Alipay account so that I can pay for all the service YAKAYAKA will give me ?

    • Wendy
      | Reply

      you can ask our alipay to pay for you directly

  9. atoshk
    | Reply

    1688 also have many scammers and cheaters. if you report 1688 they do nothing. also 1688 prices not real prices.

    • Wendy
      | Reply

      almost real price, just not always real stock 1688 ,we can return goods back. so better check it carefully in china first, then ship oversea.or the shipping fee from oversea to china expensive

  10. Adebayo
    | Reply

    Hello I am a Nigerian I do not understand what you screenshot i want to link my alipay with 1688 account. Please could you send me your contact?

  11. hafsatabdullahi5050
    | Reply

    How do I get your Alipay help me pay my supplies on my behalf

  12. cokerkemisola2020
    | Reply

    I’m from Nigeria
    Can I pay with my naira card?

    • Wendy
      | Reply

      sorry not yet at present

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