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League of Legends Korean (KR) Roint Points
League of Legends Korean (KR) Roit Points

Item: League of Legends Korean (KR) Roit Points Cash Gold

Order Delivery: We will send RP redeem code to your email after purchase.

Account will be locked if 30 days inactivity

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AFK arena
AFK Arena (CN) Diamonds Top up 剑与远征海外充值(iOS)

About AFK Arena AFK Arena is a casual action card game by Lilith Games. Build a squad of five from an abundance of varied heroes, then level them up and lead them into battle against the forces of evil in … Read More

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Genshin Impact recharge
Mihoyo Genshin Impact (原神) PC Recharge by Wechat Pay or Alipay
  1. Login your Genshin Impact account on PC, Create the order you want to Pay.
  2. A payment qrcode will be generated by Wechat or Alipay
  3. Send the Qrcode to our Email

Notes: Your order RMB amount decides the Order amount you order. For example, If you need to order 328yuan, Then you select the ¥328 Opition and Finish order at yayaka first.

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android game top up
brawl stars
Brawl Stars Gems Top up ( Global Version)

Guide to Order Brawl Stars Gems on YaYaKa

  1. Select the Gems Amount you would like to Recharge ,Fill in your Game Supercell ID (Login Email)  and Finish Payment.
  2. Contact Online Service of, Contact Button located at Right Bottom of YaYaKa. If no Response in time, Please Contact Email
  3. We will Try to Login your Brawl Stars Account with your SuperCell ID( Login Email)
  4. You will recieve a Verification Code on Email From Brawl Stars Official, Then just send me the Code so that i can Login to recharge
  5. Gems Recharged.
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王者荣耀充值 Honor of Kings (CN)
王者荣耀充值 Honor of Kings (CN)

Notices: This is only works For Android System

1.Login your account  via

2. search 王者荣耀

3.Select the Credit you want to top up

4.Send us QRcode via online service or email

5.Make an order on this Page for the amount you would like to recharge and checkout payment.

Commission: $00.00

Add to Cart -> Check Cart->Checkout Fill your Wechat Account in Order notes->Finish payment

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