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China QQ Video/Tencent Video VIP Top up

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$ 5.9000$ 49.9900

qq video vip top up.

1. Add WeChat ID topupchina as WeChat Friend.

2.Place an order on YAYAKA and select the Plan of Tencent Video VIP you want.

3. Our WeChat Service Jane will Share you a Gift Card for Tencent Video VIP via WeChat

4. You scan the Qrcode of Gift Card and Login Tencent Video Account with your WeChat Account.

5. All done

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Delivery Type

We will Delivery to you As a Gift Card which there is a qrcode on it. You can scan Qrcode with your wechat Or your QQ to Login and get the VIP subscriber. Remember that, If you scan qrcode with QQ, When you login with Wechat, it wont show VIP membership. Because it is two total different Accounts in Tencent Eyes.

Plans On sold
  • VIP for 1Months
  • VIP for 3 Months
  • VIP for 12Months
About Tencent Video

Tencent Video is a Chinese video streaming website owned by Tencent. As of March 2019, it had over 900 million mobile monthly active users, and 89 million subscribers.

Additional information

Video VIP

超级影视VIP*12Months, 超级影视VIP*1Months, 超级影视VIP*3Months, VIP for 1 Month, VIP for 12 Months, VIP for 3 Months

9 reviews for China QQ Video/Tencent Video VIP Top up

  1. Amy_SayaC (verified owner)


  2. mike L

    fast and good service

  3. lianneisthebest (verified owner)

    Great service! Very fast!

  4. donkoh1512 (verified owner)

    Very Fast and Easy to use.

  5. aggienbear (verified owner)

    Thank you for the smooth transaction. Starting watching video in no time!

  6. Xiang Zhu

    Its a very good movie app

  7. Napat napatstampma (verified owner)

    Fast service, very reliable.

  8. Eebbk123 (verified owner)

    Very fast and reliable, took only 30mins, you will have to scan the image that they sent you as a gift.

  9. drekzanon (verified owner)

    worked and was helpful, thank you

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